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Attempt to attack Team Anna member Kejriwal

Lucknow: An attempt to assault Arvind Kejriwal at a public meeting was made in Lucknow on today. There was an attempt to throw a shoe at him. The attacker has been identified as Jitendra Pathak, he is from Jalon, Uttar Pradesh.

"Arvind Kejriwal should come clear on the statements made by Prashant Bhushan on Kashmir. If the Government is committed to bring in the Lokpal Bill, why can`t Team Anna be more patient?" said Pathak.

Pathak has been making statements over the past few days specifically about Kejriwal. In his reavtion to the attempted attack on Kejiriwal Anna Hazare said, "I condemn the attack. People have taken bullets for freedom, what if facing a few lathis? I will go to Lucknow first thing after calling off my maun vrat."

This was the second attack on Team Anna. Just a week ago Prashant Bhushan was bean up inside his Supreme Court chamber by activists of the Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena for his remarks on Kashmir.

Kejriwal last week claimed that he has been informed of threats against him and that his office may be attacked. Kejriwal said that he received a number of calls from his "friends in media", including a top journalist with a TV news channel, that he may be attacked.

However, he said, he himself has not received any threatening calls or messages. An undeterred Kejriwal, however, addressed the gathering and asked, "Is it wrong to demand for a strong Lokpal Bill?"

To clear the air on Team Anna`s anti-Congress stand, he said, "We don`t have any grudge against the Congress or the UPA. We will stop opposing the Congress the day Lokpal Bill is passed."

Stressing that the every party has looted the country, Kejriwal said, "If we want to stop corruption from BJP, Mayawati or Mulayam, we have to change the system. Only Jan Lokpal Bill can stop corruption. The Government will have to bring the Bill."

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