AP DGP Reddy in no repenting mood

Hyderabad: Andhra Pradesh DGP V Dinesh Reddy, who landed in a controversy for his remarks linking women`s fashionable dresses to the increase in rape cases, today justified his comments saying that he did not mean to degrade women, but he only mentioned a "social study".

The state police chief had sparked a controversy on Friday, when he attributed the increase in rape cases to women provoking men by wearing "flimsy and fashionable" clothing. Reddy had said that police could not be faulted for the rise in rape cases and had instead blamed women for provoking people with fashionable clothing.

"I had said that provocative fashionable dresses, was perhaps one of the factors behind the increase in the rape cases. But I did not say that it was `the factor`," the Director General of Police told PTI, clarifying on his comment.

The top cop`s remarks had earned the wrath of the political parties and women organisations, who strongly condemned it.

He pointed out that Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit had also said that the `revealing and provocative dresses of women`, was a reason for the increase in rape cases in Delhi, when she had been repeatedly asked by the press three months ago.

"I replied to a query keeping in mind a social study and Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit`s comment, when I was asked by the media-persons about the reason for increase in the number of rape cases in the state," Reddy said.

The DGP said keeping these two things in mind, he had said that provoking fashionable dresses is perhaps one of the reasons for the increase in rape cases. He blamed the media for "creating" a controversy and further alleged that "selfish interests, indulging in this type of twisting things and blowing them out of proportion, would not be good for the society." .