Any compromise with in-laws would be suicidal

Renowned actress and playback singer Shweta Mishra said there is no question of any compromise with her in-laws. In a chat with the channel Mishra clarified any kind of decision like that would be not less than suicide. She also sought everyone’s help to catch those culprits immediately

Q: Despite a special status because of qualification and acting skills, still you are going through the ordeal of dowry torture, as claimed by you. Was there any fault from your side? Did your husband and his family demand dowry before marriage?

A: My husband and his family members started torturing me after few days of my marriage. It was completely impossible for me to know them before I entered into a new family. They tried to play a safe game with my family by putting all their demands in a different manner. My father-in-law and his family are criminal minded and were having plans to put me in trouble. I knew the true image of these people only after the marriage.

Q: Your husband and in-laws are well established. Your father-in-law is a chief engineer (retired) whereas your husband is a professor in a foreign university. Why would they bother about a house to demand that as a dowry?

A: They are very greedy and money is everything for them. Love and affection have no value before them.

From the beginning they knew that my family owns a house at a posh area. My in-laws wanted that house as they were seeing it as an opportunity to fatten bank balance.

Q: If they are demanding a house as a dowry, they could have done that before the marriage. Why did they torture you after marriage to get the property?

A: No, before marriage they didn’t say anything about dowry. They were silent because it could have exposed their hidden image.

My in-laws wanted a well educated maid servant and not a daughter-in law. They wanted to show-off their prestige in the society.

Q: The Dowry Act can be misused. Some daughter-in-laws lodge complaints against their in-laws to take revenge. Do you have that intention?

A: No, you cannot say that as revenge. I just want them to be punished. People should know the real image of my husband and his family.

Q: In our society it has been observed controversies surround daughter-in-laws. People mostly doubt about dowry allegations. What you’ll say ?

A: Yes, false dowry allegations will delay justice to those who are having genuine cases. People should refrain from making these type of charges with the intentions to put someone in trouble.

There should be a separate law to handle those cases where daughter-in-laws lodge dowry complaints only to harass her husband and his family.

Q: You are a good singer and have acted in several films. What will be your next step? Will you continue in film industry?

A: Singing is my passion; I cannot live without it. It’s my way of life.

Q: If you are given an option to have a compromise with your husband and in-laws, would you accept that? Are you happy with the way police investigation is going on?

A: There is big ‘no’ to any compromise with such people. For me, it would be not less than suicide if I think like that. I spent eight months at my in-laws house and observed everything. I seek everyone’s help to catch those culprits immediately.