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Anna will not campaign in UP: Kejriwal

New Delhi: Amidst allegations by Congress leaders such as Digvijaya Singh that Anna Hazare is induldging only in anti-Congress politics, Arvind Kejriwal has categorically said that Anna will not campaign in the Uttar Pradesh polls. Team Anna member Kejriwala also said, "Anna wants to give UPA time till the Winter Session."

Anna and his team were planning to tell voters in UP to defeat the Congress just like they did last week in Hisar ahead of the by-poll. Team Anna campaigned in Hisar last week urging people not to vote for the Congress as the party has not brought the Lokpal Bill yet. Earlier, the anti-corruption crusader had also said that the Congress does not have the will to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Digijaya Singh responding to Kejriwal`s statement said, "If Anna protests in UP then Congress leaders too will sit with him and protest." Digvijaya Singh had on Friday written another open letter to Anna, his third so far, accusing him of being biased in his fight against corruption by going only after the Congress leaving the BJP. He also stuck to his guns that the RSS was an active supporter to Anna`s movement, something Anna has denied repeatedly.

Digvijaya Singh in his letter said, "Why is Team Anna keeping mum on corruption in the BJP-ruled states like Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Gujarat. Why is it that Anna only blames the Congress for corruption?" Despite denials by Anna Hazare, the Congress General Secretary stuck to his stand that Anna`s movement is backed by RSS.

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