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Anna unapologetic on anti-Cong appeal

Mumbai: Anna Hazare feels there is no `ideological confusion` in his anti-Congress posture and the appeal to elect `good people` from all parties.

The anti-corruption crusader is also unapologetic about the prospect of BJP benefiting from his anti-Congress stance after his announcement on Tuesday that  he would campaign against the Congress in five states going to poll next year if the Jan Lokpal Bill was not passed in Winter Session of Parliament.

“There is absolutely no ideological confusion in my stance. If this is ideological confusion, then what was that thing between P Chidambaram and Pranab Mukherjee? What sort of confusion was that,” Hazare said during a televised debate on a Marathi news channel.

He was asked about the contradiction between his anti-Congress stance on one hand and his appeal to elect `good people` from all parties on the other. “What was on display in the two ministers` `cold war`, was all that ideological? Should the country take inspiration from it? Is this ideological level?” Hazare asked.

“The good people in Congress should remove the two-three fish that are spoiling the entire pond. Only then will people get to see their good image,” he said. Asked if he felt his anti-Congress stance would benefit the BJP, Hazare said, “Why do you allow others to benefit? Had you brought the bill on time, others would not have not benefited. So, there is no point blaming me. Today, Congress is in power. It is in majority. If they decide, they can enact the legislation.”

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