Anna to decide on country tour against corruption

New Delhi: Anna Hazare on Sunday night said the civil society representatives will decide tomorrow whether he should first undertake a nationwide tour against corruption before undertaking fast if a strong Lokpal Bill is not ready.

"We will see tomorrow whether we should undertake the (nationwide) tour first," the social activist said after he arrived here to attend tomorrow`s crucial meeting between representatives of civil society and Government on Lokpal Bill.

Hazare also said he will have to first go through Congress president Sonia Gandhi`s terse reply to his letter accusing her party of running a smear campaign before making any response.

"I haven`t read the letter yet. We will read the letter and then react," he said.

Hazare`s comments on his proposed fast from August 16 came against the backdrop of the civil society representative and Karnataka Lokayukta Santosh Hegde saying it would be better for him if he goes around the country and mobilises support against corruption.

A day after not favouring Hazare going on a fast again, Hegde said, "If Anna Hazare goes on a strike, I will fully support him."

Hazare also denied that there was a rift between him and Hegde over his move to go on a fast.