Anna must end fast,faces kidney failure:Doctors

Mumbai: Concerns over Anna Hazare`s health mounted this afternoon with doctors advising him to end his fast as its continuance could affect his kidneys.

The 74-year-old activist`s sodium and chloride levels have gone down and there are signs of dehydration but no congestion in chest or throat.

"We strongly advise discontinuing the fast as continuing it may lead to kidney failure. There is evidence of dehydration," Ashwin Mehta of city`s Jaslok Hospital, who examined Hazare along with P P Lahane, Dean of JJ Hospital, said.

He said Hazare`s temperature was 100 degrees, but his blood pressure dropped when standing, making it difficult for him to walk. "His BP while sitting was 120/90 and 105/70 while standing. The Gandhian`s pulse rate was 71," he said.

"As doctors we have asked him to call off his fast. Now he has to take a decision," Lahane said.

The social activist has been stubbornly rejecting requests by his close associates to call off his hunger strike, despite concerns about his health. Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan had also spoken to Hazare on Tuesday night and appealed to him to end his fast.