Anna Hazare insulting Parliament, says Cong

New Delhi: As Anna Hazare stepped up his campaign for the Janlokpal Bill, Congress today accused the activist of insulting Parliament and indulging in politics by attacking Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and party general secretary Rahul Gandhi.

"It is the Constitutional right of Annaji to sit on protest, but the manner in which he is trying to target Rahulji and Soniaji makes it clear that he only wants to indulge in politics," Congress spokesman Rashid Alvi told reporters.

He said as promised, the government had introduced the Lokpal Bill in Parliament and the same has been examined by a Standing Committee which has representatives from all political parties.

"Laws cannot be made at Jantar Mantar. I have no hesitation in saying that Annaji is insulting Parliament," Alvi said, adding that the activist has had his say and should now allow Parliament to carry out its mandate. "Parliament will debate and decide on the Lokpal Bill.

Nobody is bigger than Parliament or Constitution. The country runs as per the Constitution and not by raising slogans," he said.

Alvi said the Congress will continue to fight corruption at all levels. "Corruption cannot be fought by laws alone, there has to be a change in the social mindset and we all have to do it together," he said.

Earlier, Congress had accused Team Anna of mounting "unnecessary pressure" on Parliament. "This type of attempt is to bring unnecessary pressure on Parliament and democracy," Congress General Secretary Janardan Dwivedi had said on Saturday.