Anna Hazare backs Shanti Bhushan

New Delhi: Social activist Anna Hazare today virtually dismissed allegations against Shanti Bhushan, the co-chair of the Lokpal Bill joint drafting committee, in a CD controversy and backed his presence on the panel.

Hazare claimed he had been told that the CD, carrying audio clippings of a purported telephone conversation between Bhushan, SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav and Amar Singh about influencing a judge, were doctored.

"I have been told that a top forensic laboratory has said that the CD in question was doctored," he said.

Media reports said that the CD was authentic. However, this could not be independently confirmed.

Hazare said he has been told that Bhushan was mulling filing a defamation case in this connection.

Asked whether Bhushan should continue as member of the joint drafting committee in the wake of these allegations, Hazare replied he should.

"Such allegations will be levelled against us. We have to be clear in our conviction," he said.

Asked whether he could give a guarantee about Bhushan`s credentials, Hazare said "How can I give a guarantee about any person. I got to know him only because of this committee".

"I can give guarantee only about myself," he said.