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Anna Hazare backs Ramdev, says no competition

New Delhi: Civil Society members led by Anna Hazare on Friday fully backed Baba Ramdev`s proposed indefinite fast and said there was no competetion to outshine anyone by any group as they all are working together.

"It is not a competition. Ultimately we will have to think about the country. We will have to think about the welfare of the people. Ramdev is taking up some issues. Anna Hazare has taken up some issues..No one is outshining anyone," Hazare`s close associate Arvind Kejriwal said.

On Ramdev`s proposed fast, he said "we are fully supporting his movement."

Asked about government`s observation that there was no consensus among the civil society, he retorted saying has there been any consensus among the 543 MPs in Parliament on any issue.

"I want to ask the Ministers who said there is no consensus among the the civil society, has there been any consensus in Parliament on any issue barring the issue of raising their salaries. In democracy there is bound to be various shades of opinion," he said.

On hurdles in the talks with the government for drafting the Lokpal Bill, he said they will keep fighting for their demands.

"If we feel government is going to give us a weak legislation, then there will be no option but to go to the streets again. If there is division in the civil society, does that mean we should not have a Lokpal bill," he said on the sidelines of a consultation meeting with media personnel on the proposed bill.

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