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Aeroshow draws huge crowd

Bangalore: Roaring metal birds and their intricate manoeuvres were the cynosure of all eyes at the Aero India show here which was opened for public viewing on Saturday.

The crowd was eager to have a first hand experience of flying displays from top-notch aerobatic teams like `Surya Kiran`, `Sarang` and `Red Bull`.

The breathtaking flying sorties drew thunderous applause from the gathering.

According to preliminary estimates from authorities, the fourth-day of the Aero Show today attracted at least 50,000 people and the numbers could swell on the last day tomorrow.

The visitors were vying for a vantage spot to witness the take-offs and pilots manoeuvring the jets.

The crowd was treated to a dazzling display from medium multi-role combat aircraft team of Lockheed Martin`s F-16, Boeings Super Hornet F/A-18, Gripen of Saab and Rafale of French Dassault and Thphoon of Eurofighter.

It was an additional attraction for some visitors when Indian cricket captain M S Dhoni was sighted at the venue.

Dhoni, whose aspirations to fly F-16 fighter aircraft could not be realised as he had not undergone requisite training to fly, however, watched the air display.

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