2G verdict will not change govt corrupt image: BJP

New Delhi: With the trial court granting relief to Home Minister P Chidambaram, BJP today said the verdict would not change the "corrupt" image of the government and the party would continue to raise the issue of his political accountability before the nation.

"This verdict will not change the corrupt image of the government or the intensity of our campaign… The issue of political accountability of Chidambaram remains alive… We will continue to raise the matter of his accountability before the nation," said party spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad.

"This decision is of a lower court. There are two higher courts to go, as there is heirarchy of courts," said Prasad, adding that "there is overwhelming evidence of corruption" in the grant of licences in 2G spectrum.

He said, "We are very clear that there is enough evidence against Chidambaram in public domain… The BJP shall continue to pursue the matter before the people of the nation. The nation seeks a reply."

Another BJP leader Jaswant Singh said, "I don`t think it is a disappointment, because it is not the end of the story". Prasad also said, "We cannot lose sight of the fact that the Supreme Court has cancelled 122 licences because it was a scam and there was corruption. The licences were allotted arbitrarily and after manipulation of policy."

He said the BJP will study the judgement to ascertain on what basis this decision has been taken granting relief to Chaidambaram. The BJP leader said it shall continue to pursue the matter before the people of the nation, as there was enough evidence against Chidambaram in public domain.