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13 Hajj pilgrims die in S Arabia

Dubai: A total of 13 Indian pilgrims have died during this Hajj season as of today, a top consulate official has said, even as more than 51,000 Indians have arrived in Saudi Arabia to perform the Islamic pilgrimage. According to the consulate figures 14,655 Indians are in Mecca and 36,945 pilgrims are in Madina.

A total of 237,496 pilgrims from around the world have already reached Madina so far with 41,168 leaving Madina and 196,317 remaining there, The Secretariat of Hajj Committee in Saudi Arabia said.

A total of 51,611 Indians have arrived in Saudi Arabia for the pilgrimage, Consulate General of India in Jeddah said. So far 187 flights have come from India with 7,155 pilgrims moving from Mecca to Madina. Unfortunately several deaths have already been reported so far.

"As of today 13 pilgrims have expired out of which 11 came through Haj Committee of India and two through private tour operators," the statement said. Of the Indian pilgrims who have already reached Saudi Arabia, 16,979 have come from Delhi in 57 flights, 7,500 in 26 flights from Kozhikode, 5,779 in 20 flights from Hyderabad and 8628 in 33 flights from Lucknow.

According to the Secretariat of Hajj Committee report, the highest numbers of pilgrims who have arrived in Madina till Tuesday have been 50,018 from Indonesia, followed by 33,758 from India and 23,445 from Turkey.

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