12th Plan based on “unrealistic assumptions”: BJP

New Delhi: Describing the 12th Five Year Plan as one based on "unrealistic assumptions", a "no plan and non-realisable", BJP today said it is already a "late starter" and the problem is aggravated due to "lack of political will and leadership" in the UPA government.

"The 12th Five Year Plan, which was approved by the NDC yesterday, was to start in April 2012. Till the time it is rolled out, another six months will pass. So, we have lost one and half years or 25 per cent of the Plan period," BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar said.

He alleged the Plan is based on "unrealistic assumptions".

"The whole exercise remains theoretical and does not inspire or assure the nation of faster development with equity. In a way, it is a lost opportunity to take the country on a more firm and fast growth trajectory," Javadekar said.

BJP maintained it is not the only one criticising the 12th Plan. "In September, Union Minister P Chidambaram had said the same thing. The major issue here is that the Plan is without any focus and there is no political will to implement it. The UPA government has exhibited how the government should not function," Javadekar said.

The principal opposition cautioned that most of its provisions may merely remain on paper and not be implemented.

"Many of the assumptions are un-realisable and therefore the targets are also unattainable," Javadekar said.

He charged all sectors show a trend of underperformance and hence the ambitious targets are likely to turn out to be "mythical".

"On such a background, what is required is a political leadership and political will of the government, which is completely absent. The government may have made some announcements but they lack direction and a vision," he said.