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A birthday is just like another festival, like an occasion to remember in every person’s life. Your wake up with reminiscent photographs of your childhood days and multicolored balloons hasped to the burnished walls. Though this special day of yours seems like a fairytale with never-ending wishes and calls, the pressure to throw a party will be constant on your occasion. That’s when the topic of budget strikes your mind. But the good news is you can commemorate your birthday within the available budget. If you ask how?

Five things that help you throw a budget-friendly party. 

Invite only your closest ones:

Instead of inviting everyone in your contact list, just only invite your closest ones. Keep your guest list limited to your vicinity. Use digital effectively to invite people, as it saves both your time as well as your money.

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Pick a proper time for the party:

Most people like celebrating their birthdays during evenings or at night. But that hour is a trap if you are planning for a limited-budget-range party. Since time is everything here, pick a time somewhere in the morning post-breakfast or post-lunch. You don’t get to serve more food as everyone seems full. You can settle the party with a few good snacks, cake, and soft drinks. In this way, you can cut short your overall birthday expenses. 

Avoid outdoor partying:

Commemorate your birthday in your living room and prove everyone wrong that parties can be celebrated at their respective homes as well. Simply set up a nice table with some chairs around, put some snacks and drinks on the table, and light up a bit to vivify your space. That’s it. Your party decoration is done. If you are planning a budget-friendly birthday party, this is how it can be done.   

Bake your own cake:

These days, you can find anything on the internet - from making a sandwich to making a yummy cake. You can just watch and bake the cake. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned but you don’t worry. You can order the basic cake supplies like cake mix powder, egg, and other essentials and bake it at your home. Though it’s time taking, it gives you a birthday feel while baking one, and also, saves some money as well. 

Plan fun games to keep it exciting:

A birthday party without games feels boring to tears. To break the silence at your birthday party, add some simple games like musical chairs, lemon and spoon race, pass the balloon, dancing contest, etc. This adds spice to your indoor birthday party, and also, improves social interaction between the people.

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