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Latest Updates from Lifestyle

Skin Cream
Special ways to keep the skin healthy and attractive in winters

There are prerequisites for even the wet season. There are distinct skincare regimens for each season. And because of that, it is incredibly challenging to comprehend the skin's genuine seasonal needs.

  • Saturday, 12 Nov 2022
Foods high in fats, carbs and protein
Avoiding these foods after sunset is good for gut, says Ayurveda

Time matters! Eating unhealthy foods definitely makes you ill but eating healthy foods at the wrong time can also have adverse effects. So, let food be the only medicine!

Try these easy yet effective yoga asanas to get rid of lower back pain
Try these easy yet effective yoga asanas to get rid of lower back pain

Traditionally, yoga asanas have been practised to improve physical and mental health. The term comes from a Sanskrit word that means “position” or “pose”. Even though gyms are new concepts, performing yoga asanas is a practice dating thousands of years. Asanas are not necessarily intense exercises, according to studies, but can help one lose weight, stabilise period cramps, improve heart and digestive health as well as improve weight loss and improve flexibility and stability. One can do yoga even at home. All you need is a yoga mat.

Men T-shirt
Be winter ready, dress with these charming t-shirts

Can t-shirts uplift your fashion statement? Of course, a proper t-shirt in accordance with occasions can contribute a lot towards adding charm to your wardrobe.

Which works better for your knees - walking or a treadmill
Which works better for your knees - walking or a treadmill

Working out isn't only about marathons and fashionable boutique courses. Walking may be an inexpensive and convenient method to keep active, and it has been found to assist in weight reduction, increase flexibility, and enhance mood. Knee injuries frequently need extended healing times. Choose activities that will not put a strain on your knee while it heals. Walking and using a treadmill can both be hard on the knees, but with a little care, you can do both safely.

Joint pain
Stiff joints - these four asanas will greatly relieve your pain

If you suffer from hurting joints and weariness while performing even the most routine tasks or if you need to pop pain relievers to get through the day, you may benefit from a more holistic approach like yoga. Here's what you need to know.

Lip balm
Cracked lips spoiling your smile, these lip balms will bring it back for sure

Our eyes and lips are considered to be the most crucial elements on the face, since they are the communicators of our expressions. Lips are an extremely delicate, pink tissue that surrounds the oral structure of the mouth and needs protection.

Sleeping Disorder
Sleeping less than 6 hours, sorry experts have a bad news for you

Sleep duration is by far the most commonly examined condition, which is studied by experts to gauge your overall health. Healthy sleep requires adequate duration, good quality, appropriate timing, and regularity, as well as the absence of any sleep disturbances or disorders.

Time Managment
Stop running after time, try these time management apps to enhance your productivity

Organisation, streamlining, prioritising, economising, and contributing are all part of time management. It is possible to organise files and tasks, create to-do lists, set alerts and reminders, and streamline communication among team members with time management apps.

  • Wednesday, 09 Nov 2022
Hill stations
Here are four hill stations to head for on your honeymoon this winter

A vacation in the hills may sound like a silly idea in winter but guess what, there are many pluses to this thought. For one, there will be less tourists (if you choose to stay away from Manali and its crowds) and you will have the place to yourself. For another, the cold weather will only add to the romance of a honeymoon. This honeymoon destination guide is for you if you and your partner want to explore the most romantic hill stations in India.

Sleeping Disorder
Having trouble sleeping – try these three effective steps to sleep soundly

According to a study in America, only 5 percent of adults reported never experiencing sleep problems. Sleep problems, often known as insomnia, are very common. The majority of adults, including women, children, and those over the age of 65, are at risk of sleep difficulties. Sleep difficulties are particularly prevalent among women, children, and those over 65. So, it is quite normal to struggle with sleeping at some point in your life.

Conscious about your thick thighs, here are top 5 styling solutions

Thick thighs can be both a blessing and a nuisance, usually the latter. From the troublesome trousers which never fit or finding the right size off the rack to inviting unwelcome attention, thick thighs can be a bane.

Here are four reasons to exclude direct sugars from your diet

We may love sugar but it is harmful to our overall health. There are numerous health benefits to eliminating refined sugar from our diets. Scroll down to know why you should avoid sugar if you want to live longer and a healthier life.

  • Tuesday, 08 Nov 2022
  • Sugar
Traditional outfit
Five traditional outfit options to opt for in winter weddings

An Indian winter wedding requires you to stay glammed up but how can you manage to look perfectly stunning yet cosily warm at a winter wedding? Fashion makes it a little difficult for women to layer up for a winter wedding.

Vitamin D
Step out into the Sun this winter to boost your vitamin D levels

The sun is the finest source of vitamin D, which our bodies require. When your skin is exposed to sunlight, it produces this vitamin from cholesterol. It is for this reason that obtaining adequate sunshine is critical for maintaining appropriate vitamin D levels in the body.

Carrots are known for Vitamin A, but they are good for this too

Carrots are high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. They also contain a lot of antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances found in plant diets. They aid in the elimination of free radicals, which are unstable chemicals that may cause cell damage if too many collections in the body.

Vegan food
Did you know that your turning vegan can impact climate change too

Every bite of food we consume has an environmental impact. By reducing our use of animal products and transitioning to veganism, we can halt fast depletion of Earth's resources, mitigate the threat of climate change, and help preserve our homes for future generations.

Ayurvedic Shampoo
Ayurvedic shampoos that one can use for better growth of hair

Shampoos are cosmetics preparations meant for cleansing the hair by removal of dirt and grease from the hair shaft and scalp. There is a wide range of synthetic shampoos available in the market with different functions. But these synthetic shampoos show harmful effects on the hair and scalp like dryness of hair and keratin loss, over a period of time.

Replace the calorie-induced mayonnaise with this alternative

Contrary to popular belief, fat is not necessarily harmful to your health and physique, as it aids in the metabolism of vitamins A and E. Without it, regular digestion of food is impossible, and the body stops producing hormones. Also, the absence of fats can cause ageing and liver damage. Hence, for the best course of action, you should lower your consumption of fats such as mayonnaise but not altogether avoid it.

Benefits Jojoba oil offers if you add it to your skincare and hair care routine
Benefits Jojoba oil offers if you add it to your skincare and hair care routine

The use of jojoba oil on the skin or in the hair has numerous benefits which make it a great substitute for ordinary skin and hair oils. The property of jojoba oil is to maintain moisture without clogging pores and that is one of the most important reasons why you should try it.