Russian, Indian firms ink deal to produce drugs for HIV

Moscow: Russian state-run National Immunobiological Company (Nacimbio) on Tuesday announced signing an agreement with Indian pharma firm Mylan Laboratories on the transfer of technology for producing readymade dosage forms and active pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of HIV.

Under the agreement with the Indian arm of American firm Mylan NV, “there will be transfer of technology for the production of both readymade forms and active pharmaceutical substances for the creation of modern combined drugs for the treatment of HIV infection,” Nacimbio’s parent company Rostec said in a statement here.

Rostec Chief Executive Sergei Chemezov said in a statement: “Cooperation with India’s Mylan Laboratories will provide us with the supply of substances, transfer of technology and the creation of modern combination drugs for HIV treatment. As a result, their cost in the Russian market will significantly decrease.”

“Cooperation with global leaders in the area of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, such as India, guarantees that the resulting products will meet international quality standards.”

Earlier this month, Rostec had announced here that Nacimbio would sign 3 agreements with Indian pharmaceutical companies on transfer of technologies for immunobiological products manufacturing worth over $60 million.