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Horoscope For August 2019: Love, Business, Jobs- Know What This Month Holds For You

With the start of a new month, we eagerly wait and want to know what our star sign holds. The horoscope forecast for August 2019 starts today and hence, here is everything that you need to know. Here’s Horoscope for August 2019 for Each Zodiac sign:


For those aspiring to make it big in the coming years, this is just the right time to tighten seat belts. Results will be nothing sooner than 3 to 5 years but the foundation needs to be strong. Things will move as you want as lady luck will keep favouring you but be realistic, have patience and one point agenda. Love life will be satisfying but don’t take advantage of the simplicity and trust of your loved one.


Time for rewards for the dedication that you have invested in any of your ventures. In sync, things will fall in place for you but you need to be a go-getter to decide and take the plunge. If its a small or a big investment, time is ripe but stay away from taking loans rather put in money in something less that can be repaid easily. Love life may not be as satisfying and in case of differences, better to steer clear of too much understanding and move on.


Stick to the choice you have made. The career decision might be a challenge but anything you choose will be good enough to make you soar in life. Money doesn’t seem to bring you luck so avoid spending on things that are not necessary. It’s time to move on in a relationship if things are at a dead end. Else, believe in the partner who can make you regain trust in love and lead to self belief.


You are at a good phase of life as far as career is concerned. You will be appreciated and awarded. You will also be supported by colleagues in your pursuit of excellence. Money could be a reason of worry so be a little vigilant before splurging on things or people you care for. Set a limit. Your love interest will be understanding and help you maintain a balance without any gift or overspending.


A good month for Leos as some get rewarded, others get a raise and many promoted in their work sphere. Those wishing a change in career may get an offer or two. You are at peace with yourself and your finances. You will be happy with the result of what you have invested in – love, business and money. Love is in the air so if you have not met that special person in life, this month you have a good alignment to meet the partner of a lifetime. Take a break from mundane life and enjoy.


Money matters will take you a notch higher than you expected. You will earn more and earn easy  but be careful in spending. Even caution in investments is need of the hour. If you are planning in a long term investment or marriage, the money that comes your way needs to be saved and spent sensibly. In fact, there is every likelihood of someone making a place in your heart for all times to come. So don’t miss the signs.


The alignments in the sign paves way for help coming your way to start a new investment or a company . So its the right time to leave what you don’t enjoy and devote time to something that you can call your own. You are assured help from someone in the family. Be careful in workplace to strike a balance. Don’t overplease anyone at the cost of someone else’s displeasure. Time is perfect to take the first move and look into the eyes of the one you love. Propose and get hooked.


Keep away from too much nagging by colleagues at workplace. Be polite but make it clear that your work is not their concern. Deal with finances stringently lest you might end up spending more than you earn. Life is not all about enjoying luxury, wait for the right time. A committed lover, you can keep your love life in perfect sync and be in the nest that you have built with your loved one.


Things at workplace seem to change in your favour. You will be happy at the end of the day but any moment, you could also get an offer for a job that you have always wanted. Dreaming big will land you in achieving something bigger.  Starting a business looks good. Don’t expect too much from your partner else you might be disappointed. Good time to vacation at a distant destination on a solo trip.


You have it in you to lead and do better than what you are doing right now. Don’t get disheartened by failure. Its a matter of time that your efforts will yield results. If you are looking for someone to help you, right time to get in a partner/s you can trust. Try to make some changes to yourself to fit into the scheme of things. Being flirtatious may not be acceptable to all. So build trust for your partner to be happy.


Just the perfect time to take the right decision. Job offers, satisfaction in present job and awards. No dearth of money flowing into the wallet. Aquarians don’t find their type of partners but the present starry alignment shows all doors open for a flourishing relationship. For those who are into a relationship or marriage, its a great month to plan the next move.


Not a good time to call it quits. Stick to the work you are doing even if it means more effort and handling challenges deftly. Time also to find out if the job matches with your capabilities. If yes work harder, if not take a peek into self and bring in changes. The sooner the better. Finance don’t seem too good so exercise caution. Being silent may not always be beneficial, be expressive and love will fill your life.

Disclaimer: Astrological results are dependent on a lot of factors and the results may vary from person to person. You are hereby advised to be well aware that there is absolutely no guarantee about the accuracy of the astrology.

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