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62.4 mn people afflicted with diabetic in India

Chennai: A study conducted in four states has estimated that 62.4 million people in the country are afflicted with diabetic and another 77.2 million with pre-diabetes.

The study, conducted in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Chandigarh representing the four regions of the county, by Indian Council of Medical Research and India Diabetes, estimated that in 2000 there were 31.7 million people afflicted with the disease while in 2007 it rose to 40.9 million.

"In 2010 the number went up to 50.8 million and in the last one year 11.6 million people were also afflicted with the disease", Madras Diabetic Research Foundation President and Diabetes Research Chief Dr V Mohan told reporters here.

"The study shows there are 62.4 million people with diabetes and an additional 77.2 million are pre-diabetes", he added.

He said the prevalence of the disease in urban Tamil Nadu was 13.7 per cent while in rural it stood at 7.8 percent taking the toal number of afflicted persons to 4.8 million.

In Jharkhand the prevalence in urban areas was 13.5 percent while in rural areas it was three percent taking the total to 0.96 million people afflicted with the disease.

In Maharashtra the prevalence of diabetes in urban areas was 10.9 percent while in rural Maharashtra it was at 6.5 percent leading to six million people afflicted with the disease.

However, the prevalence of the disease in Chandigarh was leading the list at 14.2 percent in urban areas, while in rural areas the prevalence was 8.3 percent translating to 1.2 million diabetic people.

Diabetologist Dr R M Anjana said the study also identified that there were 39 lakh people under pre-diabetes in Tamil Nadu, 15 lakh in Jharkhand, 92 lakh people in Maharashtra and 1.3 lakh people in Chandigarh.

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