• Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Latest Updates from Guest Column

Column: Why Are We Odias So Thin-Skinned?

By Sandeep Sahu It is not clear if Ram Gopal Varma aka RGV planned it that way. But there is little doubt that he got what he wanted in the first place: plenty of free pre-release publicity (which is like gold dust) for his upcoming flick “Thriller” starring Our Very Own Anketa Maharana, now rechristened […]

Column: Personal Liberties Can’t Be Sacrificed At The Altar Of COVID-19

By Sandeep Sahu R Ramesh Kumar must be wondering at the sheer injustice of it all! The contrast could not have been starker. A doctor at the AIIMS hospital in Bhubaneshwar gets feted on social media and even earns a five-column ‘hanger’ on the front page of leading English daily ‘The Times of India’ for […]

Cotton Farming In Odisha
Cotton Farming - Odisha Badly Needs A Road Map

India, world’s largest cotton producer, grows cotton in 122 lakh ha (8.74% of the country’s net sown area) and produces now over 361 lakh bales of 170 kgs. While the…

Opinion- "The More, The Merrier": Why Govt Is Keen To See Covid +ve Numbers Go Up !!

By Sandeep Sahu The 9.36 minute long audio clip that has gone viral on social media, especially on WhatsApp, over the last five days has let the cat out of the bag. Of course, the veracity of the conversation between two purported friends is yet to be verified. But in acting vengefully and going to […]

Opinion: Curbs Gone: But Will Life Be the Same Ever Again?

By Sandeep Sahu No lockdown. No shutdown. No night curfew either. The markets, parks and other public places are choc-a-bloc with people again. With all restrictions on movement of vehicles gone, driving is back to being the nightmare it always was. Why, you can take your family out on a dinner and even have your […]

Opinion: The Best Teacher I Ever Had !!

By Sandeep Sahu What separates an average teacher from a ‘good’ teacher? And what special attribute elevates a ‘good’ teacher to a ‘great’ teacher? A teacher who teaches well is obviously a ‘good’ teacher. But a ‘good’ teacher does not become a ‘great’ teacher if he just teaches well. The truly great teachers, in this […]

'Khela Hobe' Or 'Asol Change Hobe ' In Cooch Behar And Alipurduar
'Khela Hobe' Or 'Asol Change Hobe ' In Cooch Behar And Alipurduar

By Sarada Lahangir The grounds in Cooch Behar and Alipurduar have been prepared for the fourth phase of polling for the Bengal assembly elections on April 10. Everyone is in…

IPL 2021: New Season, New Battles

The biggest extravaganza of the cricketing world, World Cups aside, is upon us. For the avid IPL fans, who were on tenterhooks this time last year with the event shrouded…

Arun Bothra
Opinion: SIT Version On Nayagarh Minor Girl Murder Leaves Several Questions Unanswered

By Sandeep Sahu On the face of it, there is little reason to doubt the veracity of the SIT narrative on what exactly happened to Nayagarh minor girl and how on that fateful day of July 14, 2020. The fact that there are not too many buyers for SIT chief Arun Bothra’s version of events […]

Power Starved Homes In The Powerful City Bhubaneswar

Saroj Rana comes to his small shop close to our house in BJB Nagar of Bhubaneswar from his home near Phulnakhara, driving his bike a good 12 kilometres, to run…

Opinion: A Retrograde Decision
Opinion: A Retrograde Decision

By Sandeep Sahu At a surface level, the decision to earmark a certain percentage of engineering and medical seats for students of government schools is unexceptionable. Students who have the misfortune of studying in government schools are indeed at a great disadvantage vis-à-vis their counterparts in elite private schools, especially in urban areas, when it […]

Opinion: Some Things Will Not Be The Same Again
Opinion: Some Things Will Not Be The Same Again

By Sandeep Sahu As the year 2020 draws to a close, the long shadow of Corona that engulfed the better part of the year is finally showing some signs of receding – though the Covid 19 scare is far from over. With the vaccine against the dreaded virus finally leaving the confines of laboratories across […]

Maoist Insurgency- Know Why Maoists Are Flourishing In Chhattisgarh
Maoist Insurgency- Know Why Maoists Are Flourishing In Chhattisgarh

The Government’s claims of completely uprooting the Maoists from the affected states proved hollow and meaningless when 22 security personnel were killed and 33 injured on Saturday night in one…

Op-Ed: The Bohemian 'Mani' In Puri

I find Puri unorthodox, very inventive and completely original. That’s divinity for you, because orthodoxy is human created and dogma is human imposed. The Supreme never wants the children to…

Opinion: Having The Best Of Both The Worlds!!
Opinion: Having The Best Of Both The Worlds!!

By Sandeep Sahu “When in trouble, rant against the Centre!” It is a policy that has served the ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) extremely well over the years, especially when an election is round the corner. And true to form, BJD supremo and Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has invoked this time-tested formula – twice in […]