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‘Walking Book Fairs’ brings joy for Book Lovers in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: City based book store ‘Walking Book Fairs’ known for taking books to readers in the nooks and corners of the country, is making book lovers’ dream come true yet again. The store has come up with an unusual offer for readers who can get one book free for every purchase. With a belief that […]

Odisha girl Annie Prince Nag in finale of Miss India Elegant

Bhubaneswar: Everyone dreams but a few strive like Annie Prince Nag whose faith, confidence and dedication has once again helped her to storm into the finale of another beauty pageant – Miss India Elegant-2017. Annie will be running for the crown, along with 21 other contestants from across the country, at the beauty pageant to […]

Pakistani woman’s board game ‘Arranged’ could help deal with marriage!

Bhubaneswar: A 24-year-old Pakistani woman has created a board game ‘Arranged!’ based on her experiences of the traditional matchmaking custom in her country. According to media reports, Nashra Balagamwala has come up with a board game, reflecting the custom of arranged marriages in Pakistan. Balagamwala is also quoted saying that she had never thought that […]

7th pay commission salary hike and promotion
Make merry of salary hike post 7th pay commission implementation 

Bhubaneswar/New Delhi: The 7th Pay Commission has increased the bank account of the Central government employees to some extent. May not be a bonanza as expected, but the increase in bank balance should be used carefully and in a smart way so that at the end of the day you shouldn’t be left with an […]

Bijay Mohapatra
Rath Yatra: Chief carpenter of Nandighosha waits to serve next year

Puri: The Rath Yatra festival will come to a close in a couple of days as the chariots of Lord Balabhadra, Lord Jagannath and Goddess Subhadra are heading towards Srimandir after their nine day sojourn at Gundicha temple.  While devotees will wait to see the Lord come out of the abode next year, an unsung […]

Tahia of Lord Jagannath captivates all; Its maker feels blessed

Puri: The captivating scene of the crown or tahia of Lord Jagannath swinging and moving like waves, makes the heart of devotees skip a beat. During the Pahandi on Rath Yatra when the three sibling deities come out of their abode, no matter how far a devotee is standing on the Grand Road, the moving […]

Rath Yatra 2017: Tourism department offers special tour packages

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC) has launched special package tour programmes for the Rath Yatra like every year. With great rush for the tickets, most have been sold out but pilgrims can still avail few packages that will help them get a clear view of proceedings of the world famous festival. The OTDC […]

Trinity being worshipped as Patti Dian at Jagannath temple in Puri

Puri: The three deities of the Puri temple are unwell and have left the sanctum sactorum. But devotees visiting the temple still get to convey their prayers and put forth the worries of life before the Trinity who are present in form of patta chitra images known as ‘Patti Dian’. An incredible and unusual form […]

Paan, an integral part of Raja festival

Bhubaneswar: The three-day Raja festival cannot be complete without the paan, the mouth freshener in its sweet form. Though an addiction for many, the betel leaf freshener wrapping many ingredients, is much sought after particularly during Raja. In Odisha, paan shops are found in aplenty but there are a few who specialise in Raja Paan […]

Puri Rath Yatra: Know the secret of Anasara

Sib Kumar Das ‘Snana Yatra’, the bathing festival is over. Sri Jagannath, Sri Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra and Sri Sudashan are now in seclusion at ‘anasara pindi’. They stay at ‘anasara pindi’ from full moon night of ‘Snana Yatra’ till ‘navajouban’ darshan on next new moon day. Except for a group of designated servitors, no one […]

Rath Yatra: The annual sojourn of Lord Jagannath

Lord Jagannath comes out of his temple to embark on a journey to his Aunt’s house every year during the most loved Odia festival Rath Yatra. The sibling trio leaves the Srimandir for the Gundicha temple for a nine day sojourn. A series of events and rituals revolving around the deities is held in the […]

Snana Yatra
Jagannath’s Snana Yatra: The Holy bath

By Sib Kumar Das There is no respite from summer heat. Monsoons are round the corner. Mahaprabhu Sri Jagannath has also ventured out to Snanavedi. ‘Snana Yatra’, the bathing festival of the Lord is observed every year in Sri Mandir on the day of Purnima of Hindu month of Jyestha. There is a huge difference […]

Fireball fell from sky when plane touched power line  

Shocked! It was as shocking for the commuters on a road at Mukilteo in Washington when they saw a plane crashlanding and catching fire immediately seconds later. According to a news channel, when commuters were waiting at a traffic signal in Washington, they spotted a single-engine plane falling headlong and suddenly bursting into flames. However, […]

Facebook deaths
5 horrific Facebook live streamed deaths

A recent string of live-streamed tragedies has reignited a debate about the increasing violence in this Internet age where we have developed a tendency to broadcast every act of ours and go live. Here’s a list of five such reported shocking cases in less than two months: March 2017, Miami A 14-year-old girl streamed her […]

'Death' news of Ramdev Baba goes viral, proved hoax

New Delhi: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev is currently trending on social media websites and mobile apps like Whatsapp after rumours about his death in a road accident went viral. However, the photographs and news have been proved a hoax. A WhatsApp thread involving a couple of photos of Ramdev suggests that the yoga guru and […]

Culture, tradition come alive as Odias celebrate Utkal Dibas in Oman

Muscat: In an effort to keep the culture and tradition of Odisha alive, members of the Odia Wing of the Indian Social Club Muscat celebrated Utkal Dibas recently in Oman.   Expressing the spirit of patriotism and fellow-feeling , over 500 Odia members residing in different parts of Oman gathered at the Indian Embassy and […]

Don't wait for 63, fly at 50 pc discount at age of 60 too!

Bhubaneswar:  Sixty-year-old Prahalad Prusty, a retired Government servant from Kendrapara can now increase his frequency to fly as Air India has revised the age limit for senior citizens to avail discounts in air tickets. Official sources said the age limit for senior citizens to avail discounted tickets has been revised from 63 years to 60 […]

20170419_115323 (1)
Summers equally harsh for dogs, pet owners take care!

Cuttack:  It is that time of the year when pets especially dogs and other small animals need extra care and attention by their owners. However, due to lack of awareness and care, dogs are often exposed to harsh sun rays which adversely affect their health, say experts. It was only few days’ back when 29-year-old […]

Passion Week
Significance of Passion Week from Palm to Easter Sunday

Bhubaneswar: Today is the Holy Saturday, celebrated by Christians all over the world as the last day of the Passion Week. Churches in Odisha will be crowded tonight with people attending vigil mass. According to Christian belief, it is the day Jesus descended into Hell before his Resurrection. The days falling between Palm Sunday and […]

Odia New Year begins with special rituals, people throng temples

Cuttack: The Odia New Year was observed with religious fervour across the State with people thronging several sacred shrines to seek blessings of the Lord on the auspicious day, that is also celebrated as Maha Visuba Sankranti, on Friday. Since early morning, devotees started making beelines to the temples with families to offer special prayers […]

Pana Sankranti - tulsi, Holy Basil
Pana Sankranti: Not history, but geography also important

While slurping the thick Pana (a drink made from dairy, sweets and seasonal produce) on a balmy evening or passing by a holy basil plant in the neighbourhood being watered by a perforated earthen pot hanging over it, one might get a fleeting thought that the Pana Sankranti couldn’t have come at a better time. […]

Youths refine ‘Akhada’ skills for Hanuman Jayanti procession

Sambalpur: Preparations for the well-known ‘Akhada’ procession organised by locals on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti in Sambalpur this year are in final stages. Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated all over Odisha on Maha Visuba Sankranti. Youths from different age groups were seen rehearsing their skills with lathi, mudgar, gada at the ‘Akhada Salas’ across the […]

Can Maha Visuba Sankranti be complete without ‘Bela pana’ ?

Bhubaneswar: ‘Maha Vishuba Sankranti’, the new year day of Hindus in Odisha, is considered incomplete without the customary ‘Bela pana’ or drink made out of  wood apple offered to the deities and later consumed by all. The sweet pulpy drink has a concoction of various elements to make it taste good and palatable. Though the […]

Guest to a family of 300
Guest to a family of 300

Bhubaneswar: Still standing tall with a walking stick in one hand and a genuine smile on his face, Antarjyami Pradhan from Angul district is the oldest inmate in a leprosy rehabilitation centre run by Missionaries of Charity sisters at Janla in Khurda district. At even the age of 90, Pradhan remembers the day when he […]

Cuttack barber who sets hair on fire

Cuttack: A barber at Cuttack has now become the talk of the town for cutting clients’ hair with fire, sounds scary but true. Meet Suresh Chandra Barik of Jagatsinghpur, who has now mastered the technique that has already been a huge hit and is being practised by few in other parts of the world including […]