Women touch me without permission: Taylor Lautner

Los Angeles: Actor Taylor Lautner, best known for playing Jacob Black in the popular “Twilight” film franchise, says his female fans often touch his abs without seeking his permission.

During Lautner’s visit on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, host DeGeneres recalled the last time when the actor was on the show and one of his female fans came up on stage and kept running her hands over his stomach up and down.

On his latest visit to the show, DeGeneres asked him whether this is a usual scene and do women generally drool over his abs, read a statement.

To that, Lautner replied: I tried talking to her (fan), but all she wanted to do was rub her hands over my abs and she wouldn’t stop.

“Women often do that, just because they watch it on screen, they feel it’s theirs and they can just own it. It’s strange they don’t even ask, they start touching me while I’m just talking to them looking into their eyes.”

The episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” featuring Lautner will be aired on Thursday in India on Romedy NOW.