Winslet narrates anti-bullying animated short film

Los Angeles: Actress Kate Winslet has lent her voice to anti-bullying animated short film “Daisy Chain”.

The 40-year-old has admitted that bullies made fun of her appearance while growing up. As an adult, the actress has cultivated a positive body image and made it her mission to help others build self-confidence.

So when it came time for writer-director Galvin Scott Davis to cast the voice of the lead character in his new animated short about bullying, Winslet was an obvious choice, reports

“Daisy Chain” is a story about a young girl who is bullied, and through the help of a friend she learns to create a “daisy chain” so strong that even her bullies can’t break it down.

The five-minute video with hand-drawn animation was inspired by Davis’s 9-year-old son, who came home from school and confided in his father about being picked on by a peer.

Instead of simply talking to his son, Davis decided to take action. He encouraged his son and the bully to work on a series of comic books together that would later become Daisy Chain.

Along with the short film, “Daisy Chain” is also an illustrated book, an App and character figurines.