When Dev Anand lent his voice to a Rafi song

New Delhi: Mohammad Rafi has sung many a hit song for Dev Anand`s films but a little known fact is that he lent his voice to one number from the 1966 movie `Pyar Mohabbat` (1966) rendered by the legendary playback singer.

The evergreen actor, who died on Sunday, had revealed this while he was in a reminiscent mode on Rafi`s 31st death anniversary on July 31 this year. Anand had said he admired the celebrated singer`s voice and range.

"Rafi is indeed immortal and always feel he is around and in our hearts and soul. I admire his voice and range," Anand had tweeted.

"Rafi a quiet and fine person (sic)," wrote Anand on Twitter, as he recalled the songs from films like Jewel Thief (1967), Man Pasand (1980) and Guide (1965). "`Dil pukare aa re…` from Jewel Thief and I think `Logo ka dil…` in Man Pasand was his last song for me."

"All the songs he sang for me like this faster one `Jiya o jiya kuch bol do` and many more were the best and I can`t write them all. Rafi was a great soul very quiet and fine person," he had said in a series of posts on the micro-blogging site.

Anand went on to reveal that he lent his voice to one song, from the film `Pyar Mohabbat` (1966), sung by Rafi.

"I never attempted to sing but Rafi sang `Pyar mohabbat ke siwa ye zindagi kya zindagi`, in this song `Hurray Hurray` is recorded in my voice," he said.

According to some reports, Anand had also lent his voice to another Rafi song from Kala Bazar (1960)–Sooraj ki jaise golayi-by adding `Om dhan hai namah` and `Hari dhan hari dhan`.

Anand in his tweets also went on to recollect a song that not many are aware of. "Very few people know that Rafi recorded a song `Hum hi mein thi na koi baat…`. Then this song was replaced by `Din dhal jaye…` in Guide because we felt that the composition of that song was not good," he says.