Twitter wags take digs at Saif first solo hit

Mumbai: The brawl between Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan and NRI businessman Iqbal Sharmaat at a hotel here, which led to a police case against the actor, has inspired a spate of jokes on twitter.

Sharma was left with a broken nose after the mid-night brawl.

A user posted on twitter: "This was Saif Ali Khan`s first solo hit."

"Breaking News: WWE talent scouts after Saif Ali Khan to sign a 5 year contract," said another user.

Another joke went: Shah Rukh Khan has some competition now from Saif Ali Khan. Bhala uska bashup mere bashup se safaid kaise?

Shah Rukh had got into a fight with director Shirish Kunder a few days ago.

"Saif Ali Khan has a stunt to sell the tickets of agent vinod..its called "Beating Black" Ticketing Publicity stunt," a user tweeted.

"Saif Ali Khan has assaulted a South African in the TAJ. Seem like this TAJ hotel is a pretty unSAIF place," was another wisecrack.

"And this is the man some people have chosen as their Nawab???? Not a "saif" choice, I say!" a user posted on twitter.