Turkish film Body turns out to be a crowd puller

Thiruvananthapuram: On the sixth day of the 16th International Film Festival of Kerala, `Body`, the debut film by Turkish filmmaker Musthafa Nuri, screened in the competition section turned out to be a crowd puller. The story moves around a porn film actress and the relationship between individual and society within the line of concepts such as beauty and body. The director who was here said it was a fascinating experience to see his movie screened in front of a packed house and the way they received it.

`Eternity and a day`,directed by Theo Angelopoulos in the retrospective section,is a remarkably beautiful film centred on a celebrated terminally ill Greek writer. It weaves an emotionally charged tale of love and life, where past and the present come together to create a powerful yet eloquent message of hope for the future. Embarking on a dreamy and transcending voyage to relive an idealised time with his long lost wife, his day is interrupted as he happens on a lost and troubled eight-year-old boy whose future plight brings new meaning to his journey to the past.

`Best intentions,` a Romanian film screened in the world cinema section was another film that sparked interest.It tells the story of an emotional and neurotic wreck, who is further thrown off track by the hospitalization of his mother. Trying hard to cope with the new situation, he makes his own set of mistakes- with the best intentions. `Colours of the mountains`,a Spanish film in the competition section is a modern day portrayal of life in the mountainous Colombian countryside set around the lives of two nine-year old boys who lose their prized belonging,a football in a minefield. As they try to recover it, the villagers are caught in an armed struggle with rebel forces an parliamentary troops and are forced to flee.

`This is not a film` is a remarkable attempt by Mojtaba Mirtahmasb, depicting a day in the life of Jafer Panahi, the sequestered Iranian director, which could not be screened today. Academy sources said the print might be available by tomorrow. Secretly shot on an iphone, it was smuggled into France in a USB hidden in a cake for a last minute submission to Cannes. Jafer Panahi is talking to his family and lawyer over phone discussing his plight with Mirtahmasb and reflecting on the meaning of the art of film-making. When a film-maker is barred from making films all he can do is to plan.

Japanese film `Haru?s journey` by Kobayashi Masahiro investigates the meaning of ancient Japanese values like acceptance and family responsibilities in an ironic yet moving way. It depicts the uneasy journey of a 19 year-old boy, who goes in search of relatives who could care for his retired grandfather for the rest of his life.

`The blossoming of Maximo Oliveros` a Philippines film by Auraeus Solito is the story of a 12 year-old boy who wished he was a girl. He cooks, cleans and sews for his father and brothers who are petty criminals and is at ease with being gay. On the verge of puberty he develops a crush on a young cop, who is led to the boy?s family in the course of investigating a crime.

German film `Michael` by Markus Schleinzer is the story of an insurance agent believed to be living alone. In a move that obliterates the established norms of audience sympathy towards a central character, he is the protagonist and antagonist in the movie. He happens to be a child molester who keeps a 10 year-old-boy locked up in his basement.