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Suresh Oberoi back on small screen with spiritual show

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Suresh Oberoi, who is returning to the small screen with a new spiritual show, intends to spread love and warmth far and wide through spirituality.

`Happiness Unlimited`, is an English series where the actor will be seen giving tips on how several problems in life can be solved through spirituality.

The 28-episode series, which began on January 30, on Aastha Channel is a dialogue between the actor and the audience. It will be soon aired on Star Plus from February 18.

"My intention is to spread the seeds of spirituality far and wide as it heals everything. It makes one feel happy, positive, satisfied and peaceful. It relaxes your mind and body, lowers your anger, frustration, helps you come out of depression and removes all the negative vibes," Oberoi told PTI.

When asked what triggered him to take up spirituality, the actor said, "In 1990s when I had lost my brother in an accident I was shocked. I started thinking why people have to die. I couldn`t understand things. It was then when I met several gurus and turned towards spirituality."

The veteran actor said he is overwhelmed with response from youngsters on social networking site Facebook on spirituality.

Suresh, who took lessons from Dada Lakshmi, his first Guru, Raghaveshwara Bharati and Brahma Baba of Brahma Kumari, said, "My son, Vivek, daughter-in-law Priyanka and my wife we all meditate early morning. We all are spiritual.

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