Star without suggestions is brain dead: Kabir

Mumbai: Director Kabir Khan, who is looking forward to the release of `Ek Tha Tiger`, admits that there were "issues" between him and leading man Salman Khan but insists, if an actor does not have any suggestions to offer then he is brain dead.

"When we started there were lots of discussions on how we would go head. Everybody cannot be on same page, as two people visualise things differently. Yes, there were want to call it interferences or problems or part and parcel of the creative process, is something I cannot say," Kabir told PTI.

"There can be never be a film without issues. There has to be issues, discussions and arguments about characters and scenes. Only then you get a good film. For me the issues are very important and are part of filmmaking process," he said.

The director admits he used suggestions from Salman considering his 24 years of experience in the industry. "I used to reach out to Salman for suggestions, because I feel if your main star is not giving you at least ten suggestions a day then you are in trouble. As either the star is brain dead or he is not interested in the project and doing it just for money," Kabir said.

"Any two creative people will not look at it a scene in same way. It took 15-20 days for us (Salman and me) to come on same page. On day one, our vision was farther, the more we shot the closer the vision," he said.

Kabir feels Salman`s presence in the film will definitely help them get a good opening at the box office but the rest lies with the content.

"Salman can get me a great opening at the box office no doubt about it, but after that it is just me and the film that I have made. I have a feeling that the film will have a long run at the theatres. I feel it has the strength to go a long way," he said.

Releasing August 15, `Ek Tha Tiger`, is Kabir`s third directorial venture after `Kabul Express` and `New York`. The film produced by Aditya Chopra, will see Salman playing a role of a RAW agent, opposite his former lady love Katrina Kaif.

Kabir says the both Salman and Katrina were always the first choice for this film. "Salman was the obvious choice for the film. He has larger than life appeal we needed a larger than life superstar to play a larger than life legend in the film. I think no one can play this character of Tiger other than Salman. Like there are how many actors in the industry who you would call Tiger and not feel cheesy about it. Salman as Tiger is perfect," Kabir said.

"Katrina was somebody for whom I was writing this character of Zoya. I had Katrina in my mind while writing it. I have shared a brilliant working relation with her while doing `New York` and I was happy with what she has brought to the table for the film," he said.