SRK saddened by killing of Indian soldiers

Mumbai: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan on Friday said he was saddened by the brutal killing of two Indian soldiers on the Indo-Pak border, but cautioned against retaliating in the same manner.

"As an Indian, I am completely saddened," he told reporters here.

"It is completely wrong, but that does not mean we should do the same. I think as a nation we should take a hard stance. I think you and I should look at methods to end the strife at the border," he said.

"I have been watching this on the TV…that lets teach them a lesson. It is completely wrong…it is sad. It should not have happened. It is sad to see who have died for unnecessary reason. We should be clear that whoever does wrong have to be taken into account and put to test," the Bollywood actor said.

"Things like country, war, border, strife, politics should be kept different. Because, when I had talked about sports, there was a controversy. In a country which is so volatile, the youth wanting to take stance… Hard stances in situations which is good thing in a democracy," Shah Rukh said.

Everyone in the country should be secular and that is how change will happen, he said.