Small screen shows are of poor standard: Om Puri

Mumbai: Veteran film actor Om Puri rates television shows as very poor and feels that they are too glossy and focus only on clothing and jewelry.

"I feel the shows are of very poor standard. Nothing really is significant (on TV).. it is a wonderful medium. And it reaches in every home and I hope it is used much more positively. There is very poor humor, no class..humor should be like which also creates certain kind of awareness, and also not hitting below the belt," Puri told PTI in an interview.

But there are TV shows that talk about issues like dowry, domestic violence, child marriage and others. Ask him about it, and Puri says, "They all look like calendars, they are all so glossy. There are so far away from life. It is like a parade for clothes….garments, jewelry."

The 61-year-old has earlier worked on TV and is best remembered for his stints in `Mr Yogi`, `Tamas` and `Bharat Ek Khoj` among others. Puri has now turned narrator for a television show, `Chhal – Sheh Aur Maat`, aired on Colors Channel. It is a tale of a girl from Delhi, called Neha, who gets married to her prince charming Rishi.

Everything was perfect in their marriage until one morning when she wakes up, not with Rishi, but Kabir, who claims to be her husband, a complete stranger.

"I would be narrating…I am a story teller for this show. I feel it is a sensible thriller story. It is clean entertainment," he said.

Puri will be seen every Saturday in the serial wherein he will sum up the high points of the show which unfolded during the course of that particular week.

Interestingly, Puri has not seen any of the episodes. "No, I have not seen the show. I would go by script, the director will explain me and accordingly I will deliver. But definitely I would see the show for references," he said.