Siddiqui dislikes meaningless commercial films

Mumbai: From a terrorist in `Black Friday` to an arrogant Intelligence Bureau officer in `Kaahani`, actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui has always treaded the unusual path, and the actor insists he isn`t interested in doing meaningless commercial formula films in Bollywood.

"The kind of cinema I am looking for…is there today and I am doing it as well. I am not interested in doing meaningless commercial formula type is better to sit at home and work."

"We have a hero, heroine, a villain…there are some problems and then there is happy ending we have seen this kind of films being made since ages. I don`t like this kind of cinema and I won`t do it as well. I am not interested," Siddiqui told PTI.

The actor would be seen next in Anurag Kashyap`s `Gangs of Wasseypur`, where he essays a different role. Without revealing much detail, Siddiqui said, "You will know what Dabangg is when you see my work in this film. I was looking for role where I would have attitude that was there in `Kahani`. I was frustrated doing the same kind of role, where I used to usually get beaten up or abused. I feel talent should matter."

Meanwhile, three of his films – Ashim Ahluwalia`s `Miss Lovely` and Anurag Kashyap`s two part series `Gangs of Wasseypur` are to be screened at 65th Cannes Film Festival. "I feel my struggle has paid off. I feel lucky as my three films will be screened at Cannes film festival," he said.

Siddiqui will reach Cannes on May 22 for the screening of his films. The actor has nine films lined up for release from Aamir Khan starrer `Talaash` to `Lunch Box` alongside Irrfan Khan, `Dekh Indian Circus`, `Patang`, `Liar Dice` and `Chittagong` among others.