Shah Rukh is very passionate about Ra One

New Delhi: He is the man responsible for putting Shah Rukh Khan in a superhero costume in `Ra.One`, but director Anubhav Sinha says the actor was equally passionate as a producer.

Sinha, who first approached Shah Rukh with the script in 2005, says they had not thought that the sci-fi movie will become so big.

"The film did not become big overnight but we started to expand during the writing stage. The amount of money that Shah Rukh has pumped into the film is unimaginable. He is very passionate about this film and he has taken it upon himself to make`Ra. One`the biggest of them all," Anubhav told media.

The director, whose previous credits include `Dus`, `Tum Bin` and `Cash`, is happy with the first look of the movie, which was released during the India-Pakistan cricket match in the World Cup semi-final.

"We had to amalgamate emotions along with visuals effects, action and background score right there on paper so that we could get it all perfect on screen. Jeff Kleiser is the best VFX supervisor that I could have got while people like Harry Hingorani and Ketan Yadav from Red Chillies also helped," he said.

There were also rumours that Shah Rukh was not happy with Sinha but the director quashes such rumours.

"In the times when marriages don`t last four months, I and Shah Rukh have enjoyed a four year long association. We started work on `Ra. 1` way back in 2007 and are now driving it to completion. Would it all have been possible had there been any stress between the two of us," he said.