Season 2 of Satyamev Jayate likely next year

Mumbai: Basking in the glory of his debut television show `Satyamev Jayate`, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is keen its second season by next year.

Aamir made his debut on small screen with the social issue-based show where he is seen highlighting several things like female foeticide, dowry, inter-caste marriage and others.

"On an emotional level, I would want Season 2 of the show. Hopefully, by next year we should come up with next season," Aamir told reporters here.

"I remember few people telling me that this show is a social (one) and it will not work. But seeing the impact it has had….it has proved cynics wrong," he said.

Before the makers intend to go ahead with Season two of `Satyamev Jayate` they would carry out ground activity by taking people`s reactions about the show and gauge its impact in the society.

"Our research team will access the impact created by the show, go to different places take reaction of people. We need to understand what we had set out to do with this show have we actually achieved…reached that mark. All these things will consume two-three months," Aamir said.

"Also, we have a data ready where we have got responses about the show either through e-mails, text messages, phone calls or on internet medium…we are tracking all this," he said.

After `Satyamev Jayate` highlighted the menace of female foeticide, a number of state governments have woken up to the malice, the latest being Maharashtra.

In an attempt to curb female foeticide, the Maharashtra government is considering to slap charges of homicide on those involved in it. The state government intends to send a proposal to the centre to apply Indian Penal Code 302 (murder) on those involved including family members and medicos.

"It is an important issue. I am happy that they are thinking of this step. Abortion is legal in our country but sex selection is not and there should be a harsh punishment for it," Aamir said.

"Its not that due to our the show, that Maharashtra state government is taking this step. They have been working towards it for long, its just that may be they have got a boost as lot of people are with them in preventing this thing," he said.

It was in the first episode of `Satyamev Jayate` in May, where Aamir highlighted the issue of female foeticide. "And since then I am happy that people are connected with the show emotionally, they are discussing and talking about the issues."

"Lot of ministers who called me saying they liked our show. And they are also getting pro-active and doing things. We all want a change in society…we all want our country to become a better place," he added.