Sandra Bullock, Bryan Randall ‘pretty much married’

Los Angeles: Actress Sandra Bullock is reportedly ready to marry her photographer boyfriend Bryan Randall.

A wedding for the two, who have been dating for a year, “will come in time” but “it will be private and under the radar”, said a source quoted by

“They are pretty much married the way they act around each other and the amount of time they share with one another,” the source said, and added: “The family connection they all share is very deep. Sandra is all about family values and being down to earth and raising her children with valuable lessons. Bryan shares the same values.”

The couple still squeeze in time for romance while juggling their parental responsibilities. Bullock has two adopted children while Randall has a daughter from a previous relationship.

According to the source, the pair schedule date nights with friends who live nearby and also make time to be alone with each other.

“They are soulmates. They understand and respect one another. Their love is pretty deep and intense,” the source said.

“Marriage will come with time, but if they do get married, it will be private and under the radar. That’s just the kind of couple they are, especially since Sandra’s life was so exposed with her past relationship (with Jesse James). Bryan respects that,” the source added.