Salman dodges health officials over smoking fine

Patiala: Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who was caught on camera flouting the public smoking ban here, dodged the health officials team that went on looking for him to slap a fine.

The enforcement team of health department raided local `Neemrana hotel`- where Salman and actress Kareena Kapoor – were shooting Hindi film Bodyguard

The health officials issued a fine against the actor after his photographs showed him puffing away a cigarette on the eve of Anti-Tobacco Day.

But they could not find Salman in the hotel as he had already left the premises.

However, the fine was recovered from the crew members of the actor.

The `Neemrana Hotel` authorities were also fined as they had not displayed any notice board for no smoking zone on its premises.

Anti-Tobacco Day was observed on Tuesday across the country.