Saif and my chemistry is not tangible: Deepika

Mumbai: Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone have been paired up romantically for the third time in `Cocktail` and the actress insists that the chemistry between them just happened and its vital to love stories.

"I guess things like chemistry is between characters more than anything else. When we set out to do `Love Aaj Kal` we did not plan that we are going to have this chemistry and that people should like us together on screen. It just is something we did not expect or planned out. Sometimes, some things just fall in place…everything is just a coincidence," Deepika told PTI in an interview.

"`Cocktail` is a second romantic-comedy that we are doing together with Illumanti Production. Our chemistry is something thats not tangible…you either have it or don`t. For the kind of films that we have acted in, we need to have it. In love stories its very important," she said.

The romantic-comedy directed by Homi Adajania stars Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and newbie Diana Penty in lead roles, besides Dimple Kapadia and Boman Irani.

"Cocktail is about three different characters – Gautam, Veronica and Meera, their background is completely different. How they meet, how they become best friends, living under one roof. And when friendship turns into love, the cocktail of emotions between friendship and love begins," Deepika said.

Deepika was offered both the roles – Meera, a simple desi girl and Veronica, an outspoken brat – and she opted to play the latter.

"The role of Meera is similar to the role that I did in `Love Aaj Kal` and it would have been easy to slip back into doing the same thing. I was ready for a risk and to take on something that is more slightly exciting and challenging. And which why even Dinesh (producer) was confused, so he offered me both the roles…he knew I could do Meera but he also felt that I could also pull off Veronica," Deepika said.

"I was tempted to do Meera but I thought Veronica would be challenging. So I called up Imtiaz to help me chose out of the two, I told him I am keen to do both…can I do a double role. But Imtiaz told me I am ready to play Veronica," she said.

The leggy actress admits that it was not easy for her to detach from the character of Veronica. "I took very long time to detach from Veronica. I think every actor gets certain role or a film in their life that they find hard to leave. Although the films that I do are of my choice but at the end of the day there will be few films or roles that will be special. For me `Cocktail` is a special film. I got so attached to the character of Veronica that after we finished shooting for the film, it was difficult for me to detach Veronica from myself," she said.

Also, this is the second film that Deepika is doing with Saif`s home production – Illumanti Films.
Ask her if a new camp is formed between Saif, Dinesh Vijan and her, Deepika says, "No nothing like that..why will there be a camp. I am really happy that they believe in me so much which is why their production house gave me two films — `Love Aaj Kal`, `Cocktail` out of three. I do feel special to the production house but that is because Dinesh and I are on same level when it comes to understanding love stories."

"I have enough faith in the films they make..we don`t know how the film will do that is upto the audience. The intention is to make beautiful movies that people identify, relate to and thats why we enjoy working together. When we started with `Cocktail`, until last year, the name of the film did not feature in the list of 2012 most awaited films but now people are waiting to see it," she said.

Also, Deepika has to pay Rs ten lakh to producer Dinesh Vijan, reason being, she lost a bet to him for one of the songs `Daaru Desi`, becoming a hit with the masses. "I had told Dinesh that no one is going to like the song `Daaru Desi`. That was my personal opinion I had a bet with him on this song for Rs ten lakhs. And today it has become one of the most popular songs. So I have lost it. I told him to deduct it from my pay but he said he will give me full fees and then will take from it. I am hoping that he will say, let it be," she said.