Rolling Stones may pocket 2 mn pounds from new album

London: Popular British rock band The Rolling Stones is expected to make a whopping two million pounds from its new album.

Guitarist Keith Richards and singer Mick Jagger, both 73, have been in recording studios in London and New York, and label Universal has renewed their contract for a new album which will mint two million pounds for them, reports

Along with Ronnie Wood, 70, and Charlie Watts, 76, they will release a live compilation album around Christmas.

The next year the band will bring out a new studio record to coincide with the end of their forthcoming European tour.

“Both Mick and Keith would rather be carried off stage in a coffin than give up their great love – writing and making music. They were experimenting in the studio earlier this year, and everything just gelled.

“They ended up with around 15 tracks which they have cut down to album-length, and when the label executives heard it they were thrilled,” said a source.

“Age is no barrier to brilliant music, and there is no doubt the new stuff will sell,” the source added.

Richards was spotted in the studio in Manhattan on Thursday tinkering with the latest sound, while Jagger had been spotted making music a few weeks earlier.

The band’s last album “Blue & Lonesome” – their first studio record for more than a decade – went straight to number one on its release in December last year. And their latest tour, which begins in Hamburg in September, sold out in minutes.