RGV returns with ‘Bhoot’ sequel in 3D

Mumbai: After raising the bar of new age horror films with ‘Bhoot’, maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma plans to hit the bulls eye once again with its sequel ‘Bhoot Returns’ in 3D, which he claims will enhance the fear factor.

“I have not made a 3D film in my career…this is the first one. The 3D effect has always fascinated me. I think the right application of it (3D) in a horror film is going to enhance the element of fear,” Varma told PTI in an interview.

Even though if a 3D element if used in a horror film, Varma feels the content of the film is important and it has to be strong.

“A film does not work alone on technique be it 3D or anything. The 3D technique enhances the content in various ways. In case of ‘Bhoot Returns’ I used it (3D effect) will create a heightened sense of reality, making them feel that they are there on screen along with the characters,” he said.

With ‘Bhoot Returns’ Varma has managed to garner interest by launching an innovative first poster, which has an optical illusion of a girl with a bleeding lip.

Also, the trailer features a little girl playing with a partly visible spirit in the living room in the wee hours. This scene is being captured on a webcam.

The original, a 2003 release starred Ajay Devgn and Urmila Matondkar in lead roles. “Technically, I wanted to make a sequel that had nothing to do with the original story and star cast. I felt Manisha and J D were perfect for the film. I don’t know if it is easy or difficult part to make a horror film. I am very excited to have made this film,” Varma said.

“Horror is a deep emotion of fear. There are people who feel like challenging a horror film and hence they come to watch it. While there are few people who either don’t watch horror films or even if they see it they close their eyes.”

As a filmmaker Varma feels a horror film can backfire if not presented well.

“As a filmmaker it is impossible for me to keep in mind what kind of people will watch what kind of horror films. I have to be true to what I think is scary but that does not necessarily mean it will scare the audience. If any film which is not presented well will backfire..its not only restricted to horror films,” he said.

Bhoot dealt with a simple everyday couple who get subjected to a ghost in a haunted apartment. Carrying that tradition forward ‘Bhoot Returns’ will be about a family trapped in haunted house in a terrifyingly situation.

To shoot this film in a haunted house, Varma chose a house in the suburbs of Mumbai. The first owner of the house had committed suicide in the premises. The current owner willingly gave the house to Varma for the shoot with a promise of not giving out the address of the house in the movie or the media. It is learnt that it is TV and film producer Ekta Kapoor’s house.

‘Bhoot Returns’ marks the comeback of actress Manisha Koirala along with her co-star JD Chakravarthy. The film will be released in theatres on October 12.