Rani to set up funds for treatment of stroke-affected patients

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee will set up a fund to facilitate the treatment of stroke affected patients.

She will set up the Stroke Treatment Fund along with the Indian Stroke Association (ISA), which will treat 25 eligible stroke patients who cannot afford treatment.

Rani says she was driven to support the cause after losing two of her family members due to stroke attacks.

"Two of my close family members recently died due to stroke attacks and I thought of getting associated with the cause. In our country stroke is the third largest killer. It is a privilege to support ISA to create awareness, diagnosis and appropriate management of the condition," Rani said.

According to the World Stroke Organisation, every six seconds someone dies of a stroke and one in every six individuals can have a stroke during their lifetime. In India, every year 14 lakh people develop an acute ischemic stroke.

"Over 3,800 patients suffer acute ischemic stroke daily across India. A study says that only 6.2 per cent of patients could identify all symptoms of stroke. Of those 3,800 patients only 380 or 10 per cent reach on time (within three to four- and-half hours)," ISA president Dr Shirish Hastak said.

ISA has also begun the process of identifying the `Acute Stroke Treatment Centres` a few months back.

"The need for this initiative was felt after it was observed that many patients who have suffered stroke landed up to nearest hospitals, found that they were not equipped with right doctors, technology or skill-sets to treat stroke. In the bargain, patients were losing out on time," he said.