Ram Gopal Varma surprised by Delhi Belly success

New Delhi: Director Ram Gopal Varma says the success of Aamir Khan produced “Delhi Belly“ has made him feel like an insect in the industry.

The 49-year-old director who teamed up with Aamir for 1995 hit “Rangeela“, has been unable to deliver a hit in recent times.

"Didn`t see as Delhi Belly (as the) subject is not to my taste but its super hit status makes me feel like an insect…so I just want to crawl under a rock and die a quiet death," Varma tweeted.

After a series of flops including “Rann“, “Rakta Charitra-Part I and II“, Varma`s next film “Not a Love Story“ is on the verge of release and the director has of late become very active on the microblogging site, slamming almost everyone and everything in the industry. It seems that Aamir is his next target.

Varma feels that Aamir has had an amazing run as a actor, director, producer and he is astonished how the audience is so receptive to his films.

"Never believed in Ram Jesus or Allah but seeing the variation coming from just one man from “Lagaan“ to “Taare Zammen Par“ to “Delhi Belly“, I am seriously considering believing in Aamir.

"The way he took such a subject matter and made it a super hit it looks like people might not trust God completely but they trust Aamir completely," he tweeted.