Pooja Bedi’s daughter, Sagar kin fight in pub; plaints filed

Mumbai: A brawl between actress Pooja Bedi’s daughter and late director Ramanand Sagar’s great grand daughter at a posh pub here has led to the minor girls’ parents filing police complaints.

The fight involving Pooja’s daughter Alia and Sagar’s great grand daughter Saakshi took place at a pub in Lower Parel in Central Mumbai on Friday last, police said.

On Monday, Saakshi’s mother Meenakshi filed a complaint with Oshiwara police alleging that Alia and her friends, who were allegedly in an inebriated condition, assaulted her daughter.

On the other hand, Pooja lodged her complaint with Versova police last night alleging that Meenakshi and her daughter abused, threatened and made obscene gestures at her teenage daughter Aalia and her friends following an argument in the pub.

According to Meenakshi’s complaint, she was dancing along with her teenage daughter and a friend when Alia, who was celebrating her birthday in company of friends, began bullying Saakshi. When demurred, Alia and her friends twisted Saakshi’s arms and harassed her, claimed Meenakshi.

“A non-cognisable offence (NC) was registered against Pooja’s daughter and her friends,” Subhash Wele, Senior Inspector at Oshiwara Police Station, said today.

A separate non-cognisable offence was registered against Meenakshi and her daughter following a complaint by Pooja, Arundhati Rane, Senior Inspector of Versova said

Both complaints are likely to be transferred to N M Joshi Marg Police Station, under whose jurisdiction the brawl took place, for further action.

In a non-cognizable offence police cannot arrest a person without orders of the court, ie without a warrant, and can investigate into the case only on directions of the court.