Paul McCartney slams pop stars for lip-synching

London: Beatles legend Paul McCartney says he hates those pop stars who don`t play live at their gigs. The 69-year-old singer slammed some contemporaries of using tapes rather than their instruments on stage at concerts, Daily Express reported.

"To me the concert experience is at the heart of what music is about. You come to a show and you are in the room so it is the real thing. I have been to concerts where I think, “Oh, I really am in the room with Tony Bennett and it is like he is in my living room“. That is a great part of the experience. "I then think, “Wait a minute, people must think that about me“. When we make mistakes playing live, we always now turn it and say, “Tell you what this proves we are live“," he said.

However, McCartney refused to divulge the offenders. Cheryl Cole was famously accused of miming during her live performances on the “X Factor“ while Elton John criticised Madonna for lip-synching during her 2004 tour.