Online placement agency to promote new artists

Mumbai: In a bid to promote budding artists in the entertainment industry, a group of veteran filmmakers including the likes of Sudhir Mishra and Mahesh Manjrekar have come together to form an online placement agency.

The placement agency – is the brain child of Vinod Nair and two other MBA professionals — Ravi Nagpurkar and Rakesh Sreekumar. The initiative is being supported by filmmakers Sudhir Mishra, Sangeeth Sivan and Mahesh Manjrekar.

"There is requirement for lot of people, in the entertainment industry, be it actors or anyone else. We are here for is to promote new talent…to give them a chance. There is talent everywhere the only thing that budding person requires is a chance," Manjrekar told reporters here on Monday evening.

"Actors like Shahrukh Khan, Ranvir Singh are not from the industry…they were also newcomers. But they got the right push. We have Yash Raj Films who promote newcomers but there is a need for more such companies," he said.

Echoing similar sentiments, Mishra said, "What newcomers need is the right platform. We would groom them…provide right platform…give them the right direction."

The agency will built a data base for aspiring actors, singers, dancers and all available positions. The applicants have to register for a small fee of not more than Rs 1,000 and then send in their work experience, which the panel of experts will screen before finalising the interviews. "One needs opportunity..right opportunity that we would provide them through Talent tube. Seeking talent and giving them opportunity is our aim… wherever one comes from," Nair said. The online placement agency started operating from Monday.