Not using sex as marketing tool for KSKHH: Yardi

Mumbai: Director Sachin Yardi says he is not using sex as a marketing tool for his forthcoming release `Kya Super Kool Hai Hum` and that the movie is not meant for those having double standards.

"The film is labeled as sex comedy, I think it is the wacky quotient in the film, the wackiness takes the film to a different zone. Someone asked if we are using sex as marketing tool, I don`t think so it is that way. I don`t think it is sex, instead it is the wackiness..craziness that takes the film to a different level," Yardi told reporters here, last evening, after unveiling the first look of the sequel.

"First part came six-seven years before (2005)… to upgrade the humor was important as the gags that you had earlier, one might not find it funny anymore now. So we were very conscious to make it very contemporary," he said.

In the sequel, the jokes have gone a notch higher up and a tad below the belt. The first look of `Kya Super Kool Hai Hum` is going viral and getting a good response.

"I have been checking You Tube regularly to see how many hits we have received as you get a vibe of how many people liked it. And we learnt that it is surprising, more people have liked it and very few have disliked the trailer. I am happy with that," Yardi, who has earlier directed Ekta Kapoor`s `CKkompany`, said.

"It is not a film for people with double standards or with high sense of morality," he said. In the second installment, Tusshar plays a struggling actor, while Ritesh is a struggling DJ opposite actors Neha Sharma and Sarah Jane Dias.