No Salman-Asin steamy sequence in Ready

New Delhi: Director Anees Bazmee has denied rumours that his forthcoming film `Ready` includes a steamy sequence between leading stars Salman Khan and Asin.

"I don`t know where these rumours came from. There is no steamy sequence between Salman and Asin in `Ready`," Bazmee told media.

The director insisted that the film is squeaky clean and has no such scene which might make it unfit for family viewing.

"I don`t make films which I can`t watch with my own family. Look at any of my films so far, they can be seen comfortably without worrying that anything untoward may come on screen," said Bazmee.

"Whatever little intimacy is shown on screen, it is a part of a song and dance sequence. That too is strictly within the boundaries," he added.

Comedy continues to be his poison, what with `Thank You` releasing before `Ready`. Also, couple of months back Bazmee had another comic release in `No Problem`. Doesn`t the director in him ever crave to make some serious cinema?

"Who said comedy isn`t serious business? I do my job rather seriously. A film of mine may or may not work but then no one can say that I made a cheap comedy. Also, vulgarity doesn`t have any place in my cinema. I don`t believe in having any double meaning dialogues in my films," he said.

While `No Problem` was panned by one and all, Bazmee hopes that Akshay Kumar starrer `Thank You` and Salman`s `Ready` garners better response.

"I don`t want my actors to jump up and down on screen just for the sake of it. I want my actors to do their job with sincerity and this is where Akshay and Salman come into the picture. They are dead serious even when they have to do comic scenes."

Though he started his career with action films like `Hulchul` and `Deewangee`, Bazmee drifted towards making multi starrers like `No Entry`, `Welcome` and `Singh Is Kinng`.

Even though his upcoming `Thank You`- starring Akshay, Irrfan Khan, Bobby Deol, Suneil Shetty, Sonam Kapoor – falls in the same league, Bazmee says it is not a conscious effort on his part to make multi-starrers.

"It just happens when a story I write turns out to be the one that gives importance to each of its characters. Then one has to look for many actors to perform these parts.

"Tomorrow if there is a film which requires only one or two principal characters, I don`t have to make a multi starrer. `Ready` with only Salman Khan and Asin is an example of that," said Bazmee.