Nicole Kidman was stalked as teenager

(image) London: Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman has admitted she was terrorised by a stalker as a teenager.

The 43-year-old actress revealed she was followed around by an older man at the age of 18, calling the ordeal a "a frightening experience", reported Sun online.

"[It] was my most frightening experience at that age. I had a man who followed me around – older, with long grey hair. He found out where I lived and would phone me. He would just sit in a pub across the road and watch – then tell people he was a friend of mine," said Kidman.

The Australian beauty was living alone at the time because she had left home to embark on her film career and although she informed police of the man she was told they couldn`t do anything unless he actually tried to harm her.

"The police talked to him, but said they couldn`t do anything until he did something to me. You never know how bad these people are going to be," she said.

The `To Die For` star, who is married to singer Keith Urban, filed a restraining order against another alleged stalker in 2001.