Nana turning director again for a love story

Mumbai: After a gap of almost two decades, veteran actor Nana Patekar will don the director`s hat again for an unconventional love story about a 50-year-old man romancing a woman half his age.

"I have written a script. I may direct it any moment, though I don`t know exactly when. I don`t think its an issue-based film. In my film, the actress would be of 24-25 years of age and the actor would be almost 50," Nana told media.

The National Award winning actor said the movie will be a simple love story, on the lines of Hollywood films like `Ryan`s Daughter` and `Roman Holiday.

"But it will not be inspired or adapted from these films," he clarified.

`Ryan`s Daughter` is a 1970 film directed by David Lean.