Mythological films have familiar connection: Arnab

Mumbai: Director Arnab Chaudhuri, who is looking forward to the release of his upcoming animation film `Arjun: The Warrior Prince`, says, mythological animated films have advantages of familiarity and strong connection.

`Arjun: The Warrior Prince` is an Indian animated mythological action film. The film is told through the perspective of an Indian Hero, Arjun from Mahabharata.

"There is an advantage, there is familiarity with the story in a way, as the world is familiar. Everyone understands mythology and seems to have connection with it. As everyone seems to be familiar with the world of mythology then through films one brings in their perspective in a unique way by story telling," Chaudhuri told PTI.

"There is no negative thing as mythology is a common reference point for all," he said.

Earlier, animated films `Hanuman` (2005) and `Bal Ganesh` (2007) had done well at the box office.

Ask him about the animated film industry, Chaudhari says, "I feel the industry is not matured to churn out more animated films. The industry is getting ready."

It is a storyline of nine-year-old boy Arjun. It explores his life with his brothers in Hastinapur, his training and education and how he goes on to become a warrior.

"It is an action extravaganza…it is about Arjun`s life and his transformation into a warrior. Also as the scale of the `Mahabharata` is huge, it was challenging and at the same time fun to tell Arjun`s story. To make a 90-minute film from this huge episode was a challenge. But fortunately, we had a good team in place," Chaudhari said.

`Arjun: The Warrior Prince` has been ready for quite some time and the director says they were waiting for the right time to release it. It is now all set to release on May 25.

"The film took three years in terms of story and development. We were thinking of releasing it during summer holidays. As that is the right time," Chaudhuri said.