Music will always be the soul of Hindi film: Kirkire

Mumbai: Noted lyricist Swanand Kirkire feels that music will always be the soul of the Hindi film.

"Music is the soul of any film, and so it shall always be popular. There have been phases and spurts of good and bad music. I still see the current music touching millions of hearts around the country," said Kirkire, who has now turned a TV host with `Yun Bana Yeh Song` on Sony Mix.

Talking to PTI, he said Hindi film music has been on a roller-coaster ride. "It is constantly facing changes. The only constant thing is the progress of technology. Hindi film music has its pros and cons, and has gone through many stages.

The human effort and hours of practise the artist had to put in have drastically decreased due to ever-changing and ever-evolving technology."

Today, a song can be recorded even at home, without much expertise and expenses. So, the plus-side is anyone can now record a song, he said.

Asked about if and how he prepares before writing a song, Kirkire said he does his homework by studying the structure of the film, the script, the story, the characters. "Once I have a clear picture in my mind, then I start writing."