Mr World 2016 Rohit Khandelwal hopes to meet US President

Mumbai: Rohit Khandelwal, the Indian actor and model who won the Mr World 2016 title, wants to meet US President Donald Trump on his next visit to the country.

“After winning Mr. World, I’ve been travelling all around the world and meeting new people. I am looking forward to meeting people all over the US. I am going there in March. Hopefully, I would be able to the meet the President too,” Rohit said at a party hosted by the US Consulate here in honour of Trump’s oath-taking ceremony, on Friday night.

The actor hopes a “strong relationship” between both the countries, is maintained.

“I have seen Donald Trump’s interviews and he has a great respect for Hindus and Hinduism. I see the relationship will be really strong and long lasting. The association is going to be wonderful,” he said.

Rohit is working on a Bollywood project.

“We are going to start shooting in April mostly. I am looking forward to that,” he said, without divulging any further details.

“I can’t name or talk out any details of it, but it is a big Bollywood project. So fingers crossed… 2016 has been lucky for me and I hope the same for this year.”